A Love So StrongGreg Johnson, head of The Cascade Blues Association reviewed A Love So Strong in the August issue of BluesNotes, rating it a “Very Much Recommended“.   Greg says,

Always an exceptional songwriter with a knack for catchy, sing-along, and danceable tunes, Berkery steps right back into the fold with a new collection of material every bit as fun and exciting as before.

His review describes the talents of the band and assesses individual tracks, such as the title track A Love So Strong:

The title track “A Love So Strong” is classic Berkery at his best. With his soaring vocals and lyrics that invite you to join in on the chorus

He concludes the review with:

This is a welcome return from the Rose City Kings, one of Portland’s favorite bands from the past who should step right back into place from where they left off. With a recording like “A Love So Strong” it should be an easy step. Very much recommended.


One of the oldest (founded in 1986) and largest affiliated blues societies, The Cascade Blues Association’s mission is to promote and preserve the Blues.  It supports activities such as Blues In Schools and scholarships for music students. Greg Johnson is President of the Cascade Blues Association and recipient of the prestigious Keeping the Blues Alive awardGreg-Johnson-Jenn-Ocken-with-book-photo-by-Kelly-Thornton