rosecitykings4Our biggest, heartiest thanks to everyone who attended the Album Launch Party! So many of you made a special effort to be at the launch party travelling from as far away as San Francisco. We hope it was as special and meaningful for you as it was for us. I can’t describe how wonderful it was to visit with and perform the new songs for you – whether you’re our newest or most longtime fan. It was electrifying to see so many of you dancing to the new songs at the Album Launch Party! As Steve Pringle so aptly stated at the beginning of the night: It felt like a wonderful community of music lovers coming together to celebrate. While we’re sending out our thanks, we’re very grateful to have had Hershel Yatovitz, Peter Dammann, Lewi Longmire, and Joe McCarthy‘s horn section giving it their all on stage. What a grand way to launch A Love So Strong!

You can now buy it on CD Baby, iTunes, and at Music Millennium. Indeed, we will perform at Music Millennium’s BlueStreak Live! on Monday night (6/27) at 7 pm. The album will also be available at the Music Millennium booth at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Fest on July 4th weekend.